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We’re Older than what we look

Yes it is true Add Deal really is a lot older than what it looks.  Admittedly we’re not in any kind of fancy museum just yet and we certainly hope we don’t end up there this side of our 10th birthday.

Add Deal was initially founded in 2009 as a daily deal website and was sold later that year by its owner and bought by its current owner, Robert.  Initially what was bought were the domain names, and a brand.

The domain names were hosted here in the UK and have been like that ever since.  Over the past 6 years Add Deal has had several ideas thought of and even looked into.  However, both a daily deal website and a loyalty card were seen as not innovative enough.

The result, a new and upcoming product search engine capable of doing a hell of a lot more than just saving you a percentage for a period of time.

— Robert
Add Deal Blog Team

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