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Welcome WordPress Users

If you have just landed here from Add Deal dot Me, don’t panic you are on the right blog all we have done is re-direct our old WordPress website to our shiny new official Add Deal Blog website which has been around since April 2015.

This marks another significant change in our online presence as we continue to close down or re-direct some of the many different channels that we have used in the past.  We haven’t closed down the WordPress website as such we have instead re-directed the website to this one.

This re-direct will last for 12 months after which the WordPress website will most likely disappear altogether.

What this means?
It essentially means that we are getting ever closer to the position that we want to be in ready for the launch of the new Add Deal website. It also means that we now have just one central blog which we report all the latest news and updates officially here at Add Deal.

What else is going?
Well now that we have re-directed our blog, removed our stand alone blog and closed down are Facebook group, the only thing that remains are our social network presences, we have no plans on closing these down at the moment.

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