We love to be green

Here at Add Deal we like things to be efficient and fast, so for us it is only logical that we look at how green we are and how we can be greener to do our bit in helping the environment.  Sure there are various ways we can do this from helping plant the next forest through to filling our vehicles with biodiesel fuel and even using wind farms to generate electricity for our offices.

Further information about biodiesel can be found on the Green Fuels Website.

Going eco, sure it costs a little bit more than using traditional methods of transportation and running an office.  But the way we look at it is thus, consider the amount of paper that is printed on a daily basis in offices, from invoices to faxes, leaflets to annual reports.  Add Deal belivess that by having a paperless office and only printing what we need rather than what we want helps decrease our environmental impact.

We are also considering helping plant the next rain forest and are even looking at ways in which our smartphones can be powered from different sources.

Watch this space for further details on our Eco and Green Policy and what we’re doing to stamp out our environmental carbon footprint.

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