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Tumble on Down

Over the past few months we have been shutting down some of our old websites as part of this process we have taken a long hard look at where some of our old sites were located.  We had blogs
on Tumblr, WordPress and a few other social networks.  

Today we have had to make the difficult decision to close down our Tumblr blog following a months notice that we had given to our readers of the old Tumblr blog.  
What this means? 
Essentially it means that we are moving from having various blogs and websites to having one central blog for near on all the official news from Add Deal.
What else has gone?
We have also removed all members that were on our Facebook Group, following a notification for people to keep up to date on our official Facebook page.  
We have therefore closed down the Add Deal Group and by extension the Add Deal Area Managers which was a secret group aimed at a previous project for the Add Deal brand.  
We’re getting ever closer to the launch of the new Add Deal website… More soon… 

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