The General Election

Every 5 years here in the UK we go through the general election or as it is sometimes called changing the muck in the staple.  This year was no different, although a lot of people, certainly we think, we’re a little disillusioned on who to vote for we certainly were.

Over here in the UK you have a wide choice of parties, from the left wing of the political spectrum, Labour  all the way through to the right wing Conservatives and then onto the far right with the BNP and so forth.

We’ve had 5 years of the Conservative cuts, better known as the Tories.  These cuts are to all sorts of things from welfare through to services and other areas.  However, one thing the Tories have been good at and that is getting people back to work and back into business which is good for the economy and good for the UK as a whole.

Well the results came in and it was an outright Tory victory, kind of what a lot of people were predicting after seeing the Exit Poll.

Our view on the election is that it was an evening of total wipe outs for some of the parties and some good gains by the others.

Here’s to the next general election.

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