Setting our Sights or Sites

This week has all be about setting targets, and goals, reaching them and ticking them off, almost like a shopping list for your favourite lunch time sandwich.

Today we headed over to Twitter, where for the past few years we have been following a wide range of users, our primary concern was accuracy and ensuring that the number of people that we were following would be relevant to our market and future.

This lead to massive unfollow cull and saw our 400 odd following count be whittled down to just under 100 followers.  Our next move is to begin building up our follower and following base so that more people know of us.

We’ve also been looking into expanding our website into other continents, considered how we would offer premium advertising for those that want it and more importantly how others could generate revenue through being a part of the Add Deal Search Network.

Our goal, isn’t to replace what is already there, our goal is to ensure that we are ahead of what is already there.  

Add Deal is coming, and we want you to be apart of it.

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