Search, Save, Be Ready

When we decided that Add Deal would not become a nation wide loyalty card scheme we were kind off in the fog, searching for a light or looking for a way through the hall of ideas that we had for the domain name.

Initially we thought lets just sell it, the domain is way over 6 years old and we have had it valued and it is worth a small amount of bucks, but then where is the fun in that and that value is only going to get higher if we spend a little bit of time on it and develop it into a idea…

So, it was decided that Add Deal would look into entering a market dominated by one hell of a tough cookie, mmm cookies.  Add Deal would enter the search market, not as an Google reseller of its Adsense program, oh no but of our very own search engine.

Our current website, does have a search feature and yes it does link through to a custom Google search but that will all be changing in the coming weeks.  Behind the scenes we have been working on our very own algorithm to help rank, and position websites in a new way.

At present we are only targeting the UK market and all will be revealed over the coming weeks.

Where will you be when you can search and save?

R. Add Deal

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