Search? For What?

Add Deal for Search?  What?

We’ve all been shopping on a Saturday and we all know what an absolute painful experience it can be, and that’s just for your wallet.  We’ve all had those days when we think we have made a right killing on a certain item and we get home and bang you could of got it cheaper on My Cheap Store dot com – not a real store.

We’ve all used those damn comparison websites, find the best deal on my credit card, help me save on my darn insurance bill only to be smashed in the face with goodness knows how many questions.

In the coming weeks, all of this may well be resolved, and what’s more, once our site is live.  We will know exactly what products are hot this month and what products are not as interesting thanks to our very own Add Deal Watch facility.

Add Deal is coming and we’re getting ready to take the nightmare out of shopping and comparison…

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