Oops, We Broke the Rules

True to our nature, we managed to completely break the rules.  We’ve seen and been told by various people from around the blogging community that putting a blog post up and then editing it once its live is a big no no.  They have also made it clear that announcing the blog has been launched via a blog post on Social Media may also not be the best way, certainly when you still have an old blog, in fact the entire launch of the Official Add Deal Blog could of been done so much better.

So we completely get that blogs are to be a source of communication and information, not a place where we just dump any old thing and then move onto the next post.  We also get that there has to be some kind of guidance system in place to ensure that you know when its a person blogging and when its someone giving general information.

So this is what we’re putting in place to ensure we never make the same mistake again.  When something is unsigned, i.e. doesn’t have a name to it, is general information that we think may be of interest to you, although we suspect some articles just won’t be of interest at all.  When something is signed that’s by one of our team and it is something which is important to them and they want to share it with the world.

In true to our nature, Add Deal has launched this blog as a bit of an experiment, we want to see how it will go down with our users and of course with the gods of search, oh wait is that us?  Think of this blog as in beta stage we’re still finding our feet with it and will probably change the blog even more over the coming months.  We’re going to change certain aspects of our blog so that it isn’t all the straight down the line boring corporate stuff, people have things to talk about and  share so we’re going to vary the content we share, oh and look for pictures they’ll be coming soon.

Our blog, is out there in the ether of the millions of other blogs and standing out from the crowd is going to be a fun task to achieve. We will let you decide if you want to ride with us as we begin the journey of blog discovery.


PS. Are blog posts meant to be short?

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