Is this thing on?

Its here, it is finally here….

Over the past few weeks we have been working on this blog to bring it into line with our brand and its not even as if people know about us yet, or do they?

We’ve not even launched our new website or even told you all what it is we’re working on, there might be a reason for that or we might just be keeping it to ourselves.  Who knows?

Anyway the blog is up and on here we’ll be blogging about all kinds of things from the stuff we eat for lunch and dinner through to our thoughts and opinions on the latest movies out at the cinema and the music we listen to – if you really want to know that is?

On a more serious note we will also throw in the odd bit of news about Add Deal products and services that we are launching over the coming months.

You can also leave a comment below using that wonderful social network tool called Google+ or e-mail us your feedback.

Add Deal Founder.

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