Hacking, why it isn’t fun

Here at Add Deal one of our major focuses is on ensuring security on our website.  Admittedly at present our search engine doesn’t do much other than return results from another well known search engine and indeed the project is currently a month behind schedule – oops a big problem for us.

However, the reason we are being so cautious is because we want to ensure the platform that we deliver to you is both efficient and secure from hackers and other nasty robots which have the potential to cause harm to our website and in turn the many businesses and visitors that will be using our search engine on a daily basis.

Hacking it isn’t fun nor are viruses or other forms of annoying pieces of software which causes computers and servers to run slow or worse come offline altogether.  As part of this issue Add Deal is creating a security policy, a sort of what to do if or when something goes wrong with our system.

We certainly don’t envision any kind of issues with our systems, however in a world where electronic warfare is getting more and more apparent it is important that Add Deal is in a position to protect its assets and infrastructure.

For those of our readers who are none technical, take a look at this article it explains all about some of the nasty things lurking around in the darkest parts of the web.

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