Greetings from AddDealGuy

Sine the launch of the Add Deal blog there have been a few posts surrounding the project but not one from the main person behind it all, so hello.  Many of the Add Deal Blog readers may not be familiar with how Add Deal Guy got started, so please excuse this bit of historical rambling.

I’m an Add Deal engineer and I have been working within the web industry for over 10 years and in that time I have seen a lot of websites come and go.  I have built various applications over the years including simplistic but bespoke content management systems in PHP & MYSQL along with Java applications and have even played around with Ruby.

I have recently begun getting the word out about Add Deal and have joined a couple of forums so that people can ask questions about Add Deal and get the much needed answers they are looking for. Naturally this leads to the question as to what username to use, well we think AddDealGuy is highly appropriate.

So if you see our username on a few forums, why not ask us a question we want to answer as many of your questions as we can and more importantly we hope you will stay with the project as we begin to develop it further.



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