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Eddies Travels

When I first heard my daddy was planning on launching a new website to help people save money on nappies and milk I thought what a brilliant idea, more to spend on toys and lovely ice cream. My daddy is very clever…

Occasionally daddy has to work from home and normally I’m busy playing with my toys and ball. However there are times when I can be a right distraction for daddy causing him to not get much work done to his new website. I get to hear about some of his plans for his new website and how its going to make shopping so much easier and more fun for people.

During this weekend me, my daddy, mummy and my brothers went to a place called Walls Hill in Torquay and spent a few hours in the sunshine.  It was lovely and all, and sure the flowers were very pretty but even I want to know and see more of daddy’s new website.

I hope soon, he will be bringing me into his new offices…

Add Deal’s Youngest Intern

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