Can you code?

Autumn 2015 is almost upon us and soon we will all be getting ready for Christmas.  Here at Add Deal we are preparing for the launch of a new website which is being set-up for developers who want to test there metal against some of the most gruelling programming challenges that we can muster.  In 2016 Add Deal intends to launch the Add Deal Code Festival our very own annual celebration of programming.  

Developers from around the world will all be competing for a chance to win a spot on our hall of fame and become the winner of the Add Deal Code Festival.  We intend to give you coders a series of programming solutions and of the solutions we will choose the top 50.  
These finalists will have one final programming task to complete after which we will choose the winner.  This is the perfect opportunity for you to show what you are made of and become part of the culture here at Add Deal.  Most importantly you will have fun.  
Our new Add Deal Code website will be live in the coming few weeks.  Watch this space.  

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