Advertising – We’re targeting

So it isn’t so much an art it’s more a case of ensuring you get the message across to your chosen audience.  Recently we have been working on a few new ways in which we could advertise and get the word out about the lovely new product search engine that is Add Deal.

We have considered a range of advertising methods including bill board advertising, leaflets, posters and various other elements such as this.  We have also been thinking how Add Deal could serve adverts for our clients that begin to make use of the Add Deal search engine – once it goes live.

Advertising for us, isn’t so much about spending our budget in the hope we reach something. Advertising for us is about ensuring that we reach our target audience and that the target audience comes to our website to find out just how much they can save on certain items, in fact on near enough any item.

-A.  Add Dealer

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