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Add a Dabble

One of the major things that will and does make Add Deal different from the rest of the world is that when it comes to showing our support for certain world events, whether it be World Aids Day right the way through to National Toolbox Day… believe us there is one.

We build our support into our very logo/brand on the front page of our website.  More importantly our logo is open to change for whatever event is going on.  So if you have something you want us to support send us a message.

Take the London Olympics 2012 Dabble:

This was our very first “dabble”, we call them dabbles because that’s what we’re doing.  We’re altering the way in which our logo looks and dabbling with the feel etc.

What dabbles will be next?  Well we have no idea, and besides that would spoil the whole fun and purpose of a dabble.  However, if you have any ideas or an event that you want us to support, why not post us your ideas on an e-mail or even post them on our group.

You never know you might just make the Add Deal history books!!

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