A New Dawn for the Add Deal Blog

First things first, pinch punch first of the month no returns!!! 
With the start of June and the launch of our new Add Deal for Search engine less than 30 days away we thought we would kick off the start of this month with a blog post about a recent change that we have made.  
If you have just arrived at this web page and you typed in http://blog.adddeal.com, don’t panic, you have come to the right place and welcome to our new home.  
Since the beginning of may we have been aiming to close down some of our blogs that we have dotted around so that we have one official blog.  
Our new home is right here on blogger, and we hope that you will enjoy some of the varying articles that we write about, from cooking to search and even the occasional random post about some of the events we have got involved in or the occasionally dabble that we do with our logo.   
So grab yourself a coffee or tea, depending on preference, pull up a pew and take a look at some of our most recent articles. 

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